3D World Films has experience in E2E delivery of your project from creative inception to being projected on a cinema screen. Our team is able to tailor the service to fit your requirements.

Our Vision

Sports, Travel and Tourism brands can utilize the advancements in 3D technology to further enhance their brands to consumers.

Hotels, sporting associations, airlines and tourism boards can now truly showcase their offerings by inviting audiences to experience for themselves what it is actually like to be there. Through the power of 3D, audiences can step outside of their current location into a new destination, sporting arena or hotel and encounter what the venue can offer to them.

3D reality goes beyond what photography and virtual tours have previously offered by creating a deeper sense of involvement for the consumer, therefore making them much more likely to want to live through the experience for themselves. 

- Hotels can utilise 3D movies to invite their audience to take a tour through their grounds, seeing the decadence of the d├ęcor, the spacious rooms and intimate details that make the property unique.

- Airlines can create 3D TV advertisements to showcase the use of space onboard where before they could only describe it. 

- Tourism boards can invite audiences to experience the sights and sounds of their destination before planning a visit through the use of 3D internet.

Our Service

Includes use of our high end production equipment: stereo cameras, 3D rigs, interocular and convergence tools, 3D monitors, software, for both acquisition and post production, together with a team of experts that will provide a 3D plug in for any production company, wishing to shoot 3D.

Our Experience

We can cover any size of project ranging from live Action Filming / Motion graphics to 3D Animation. Our flexibility & expertise ensures the best in creative and quality giving a memorable experience. Having worked with some of the world’s leading brands we can confidently say we have successfully covered the 3D niche.

Our Production

With a dedicated project management team assigned to each client, we can ensure the end outcome will be a stunningly high-end product. Having access to specialist consultants with technical as well as creative skills & the latest movie production software / equipment means that we are leaders in the industry.

Our Costs

In the past the cost of stereoscopic 3D was 60% higher than 2D production costs. Fine tuning our process and operations means that we can pass on the saving - which can be up to 20% cost reduction. CONTACT US FOR A QUOTATION

Let 3D World Films create eye-catching visuals for your company.